A Word To The Beginner
The idea that candy making is difficult is prevalent among housewives, and the object of this book is to remove that erroneous impression, and to teach the housewife how to make candies equal in appearance to the confectioner’s
candies, and as good as the best and most wholesome ingredients will be produced.


With this book as a guide, if instructions and recipes are followed, even a child can master the art of candy making, and not one recipe in the book is too difficult for the beginner to attempt.
In dipping bon-bons and chocolates it will require a little practice to acquire speed and to make uniform designs, ut one’s success at the very beginning is always surprising. Not every woman will have the tools most practical for
candy making, but by the expenditure of a few dollars these can be secured, and the profits saved on candies will soon more than cover the cost.
Making fine candy is one of the most interesting parts of the culinary art, and when a woman once begins making
candies she will buy but little, for the home product is usually much superior to the commercial candies.  To make
ten pounds of candy, for which one ordinarily pays from forty to fifty cents per pound, is not more than one hour’s
work, and one is always certain of the cleanliness and wholesomeness of the product.
Children have a natural craving for sugar, which should be satisfied to a normal degree, but all factory candies
containing deleterious ingredients should be guarded against.  Many children have been made sick by
unwholesome candy.  Candy should be placed on the table and eaten at the end of the meal; to allow children to
indulge in it every hour of the day is not conducive to good digestion.
This book gives recipes for a large variety of candies, and with a little study and practice every one of them can be
easily made. If on any occasion a failure should occur, remember that only the work is lost.  The sugar can be re-boiled and converted into a delicious fudge.
We have tried to go into every detail, and if the instructions are given close study – the reason for which we assume this book was purchased – making candies will be a pleasure.

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